Activities of the Society

Activities of the Society

VII. Activities of Jaques-Dalcroze Society of Japan 2018~


20th Anniversary Events

Open Lesson "Percussion lessons using eurythmics techniques"


Date: November 9 (Sat),2019
Place: Kunitachi College of Music
Lecturer: Chieko Sugiyama
Profile: Percussionist. Tokyo University of the Arts, Saitama University, Seitoku University, Toho Gakuen College of Music, Kinjo Gakuin University Lecturer, Dalcroze Certificate Lecturer, Rhythmland Representative.



20th Anniversary Events

Open class "How eurhythmics is practiced in elementary schools "


Date: October 19 (Sat), 2019
Place: Elementary School attached to Tsukuba University
Lecturer: Hiromitsu Takakura
Profile: Elementary School attached to Tsukuba University teacher. Obtained Dalcroze License



The 20th Anniversary Forum Jaques-Dalcroze Society of Japan

Date: March 3 (Sun),2019
Place: Kunitachi College of Music

◆Morning Session

The 20th Anniversary Lecture "Music, Body and Brain"

Lecturer: Dr Shinichi Furuya

Eurhythmics was created by Emile Jacques-Dalcroze. A hundred years later, Professor Shinichi Furuya, one of the profoundest experts in music performance science, gave a lecture on the relationship between music, the body, and the brain.

Profile of Dr Shinichi Furuya


Profile of Dr Shinichi Furuya
Sony Computer Science Laboratories ( SONYCSL ), Research Associate Professor of Sophia University, Visiting Professor of Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. Lecturer at Kyoto City University of Arts, Tokyo University of Music, Elisabeth College of Music. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering Science and the Graduate School of Human Sciences at Osaka University, he received his Ph.D. in Medicine from the Graduate School of Medicine. After working at the University of Minnesota's School of Neuroscience, Hanover College of Music and Drama, the Institute of Music Physiology and Musician Medicine, and Sophia University, he holds his current position.
His major research awards include the German Society for the Advancement of Research (DFG) Heisenberg Fellowship, the Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Distinguished Fellow, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science PD, and the Overseas Postdoctoral Fellow.
He has won major piano awards, placed in the Japan Classical Music Competition national round, and receiving a prize at the KOBE International Music Competition, as well as performing both in Japan and abroad.
His main book is "Body", on the science of the pianist's brain, which any pianist wants to know about.


◆Afternoon Session

"Member Presentation"

Members made presentations on eurhythmics, music, education, body expression, etc.
The 20th Anniversary Forum Jaques-Dalcroze Society of Japan


The 15th Forum of Jacque-Dalcroze Society of Japan

"Noh Workshop"
- Experience the expression, movement, and space of traditional Japanese performing arts -

Date: March 4 (Sun), 2018 10: 00-12: 00
Place: Kugayama Kindergarten Hall
Lecturer: Shinobu Takahashi (Noh performer, Important Intangible Cultural Property)
It was a fulfilling two hours, including an easy-to-understand explanation of the history of Noh music, experience with precious Noh masks and how you walk while performing, and listening to a live performance of the Noh songs "Takasago" and the dance "Hagoromo" and "Yoshiyoshi" with the powerful voice of the teacher.



VII. Activities of the Society 2018~